PPC tuning system

PPC version 2 PPC tuning is a unique technology developed by BSR for fast tuning and optimization of your car.

There are a number of advantages with PPC tuning compared to other methods for optimization.

The PPC unit comes programmed with a tuning program developed by BSR especially adjusted for the type of engine in your car.

It is easy to install PPC tuning. After only a few minutes your car will be provided with a tuning program through the diagnostic port. PPC tuning stores your car's original program which makes it easy to reverse the programming if the need would arise.

Previous knowledge of car tuning is not required. PPC tuning comes with a complete and illustrative manual and it is easy to download the required files from the Internet.

PPC tuning is available for a number of popular car brands and BSR is continuously developing PPC tuning to make it available for more brands.
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